Christmas Visit to Advocate Children's Hospital

We had a moving Christmas visit to Advocate Children's Hospital in Oaklawn this Christmas Eve.  While it's always nice to spread cheer and say a well wish to all of the pediatric patients, it's also a reminder when we too were in that very same hospital with our first born son and how the days are so very long and heart wrenching. Every minute feels different from the last.

We met some very kind, loving and generous parents sitting at their child bedside over the holidays praying every day that their child could make it home in time for Christmas. Some parents just desperately praying that their child comes home at all.  The holidays are the perfect time to remind ourselves to never take any thing for granted, even the little things like just having  your family together!  Our prayers are always with those families caring for their sick children, and especially for those children who are tougher and stronger than and superhero could ever even imagine.

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